Francisco Distelcamp

Francisco Distelcamp

Senior Stylist, Education Director, Manager
East Brunswick

Francisco Distelcamp (senior stylist, education director, manager)
I’m very Frank, no pun intended. While I do love hair, I love the connection I build with my clients along the way. My goal is for each client to leave with a look they love and can achieve at home. If you only look good when you leave my chair then I have failed you. Being a resident at New York Fashion Week and even Paris Fashion Week has given me the tools I need to make sure that never happens. All this fits the Aveda lifestyle, which is something I’ve grown up with my whole life being the son of Lilly and William (Liquid Hair Salon’s owners). Aveda plays a huge role in saving the world we live in. I am an avid snowboarder and kayaker, so of course this just makes me love them more. My dream is to grow the business my parents built a very long time ago and to build it with the Aveda name right by its side. I hope to become the best team leader possible for Liquid, because that is exactly how I feel about them. Family.

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